About Luxus Jewellers

Luxus jewellers specialize in custom designed jewellery that is manufactured to the highest standards. We aim to create unique pieces incorporating our client’s personal style combined with our expertise. Whether using the client’s existing pieces or using all new material, one thing is a given – a stunning design and beautiful precious object will be the outcome.

Luxus Jewellers is owned by Welma Luff. Her passion for jewellery started at school were she took Jewellery Manufacturing as her practical component to Art in Grade 10, 11 and 12 at the Tygerberg Art Centre. When she matriculated in 1996, she finished top in her class at the Art Centre. She studied at the Peninsula University of Technology, Cape Town and completed a three–year course in Jewellery Manufacturing and Designing in 1999.

Luxus - Designing and Manufacturing Jewellers